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    Fused zirconia
    • Fused zirconia
    Fused zirconia

    Product description:

      Specifications and performance: the main hollow zirconium ball, zirconium powder, and in accordance with customer demand processing into nano-grade ultra-fine zirconia powder, white or pale yellow (with impurities), do not dissolve in water, alkali, acid (slightly soluble sulfuric acid ).

      Uses: zirconium ball for the production of zirconium corundum brick, zirconia cast brick, as a ceramic, refractory zirconium raw materials; zirconium powder, as ceramics, pigments and other industry additives, zirconium series pigment and so on.

      Packaging: 25 kg composite paper bag or a ton of woven bags, lined with polyethylene film can also be packaged according to user requirements.

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